Convince people faster and more effectively

Quickly select the right arguments.

Save time, shorten meetings, build your image.

Garner appreciation for your views and opinions

You have a great idea, but nobody wants to listen to you. You know the solution, but you can't persuade the others. You keep explaining, but they just won't understand.

Meetings take too long because most of the time is spent on irrelevant issues. They result in setting a date for the next meeting instead of taking decisions or formulating an action plan.

You are not able to sway your bosses to your opinion. Sometimes you can't even get them to listen to you at all.

Your company's projects are a hard struggle. People don't want to work together, they offer excuses, they don't make decisions, conflicts are common.  

Even in your private life, in your social or family interactions, you have the feeling that people are unwilling or unable to understand you.

But what you have to say is important, it matters!

Remember that feeling of powerlessness? That sense of not being appreciated? That sense of lost time? That frustration?

And all that is just the beginning. You start to feel that no one is listening to you. That your effectiveness is lacking. That the company you work for does not appreciate you and squanders many opportunities to do things better.

You gradually withdraw into yourself, feel resigned, lose your cheer and optimism. And that takes a toll on your image. Without good image, your chances of promotion and development dwindle as well.

Or maybe the opposite - aggression stirs within you. You try to force the results. You stop explaining and start ordering, demanding and pushing. If you are the boss - your image suffers. You become a bully, not a leader. You kill optimism, independent thinking and creativity in your people. If you are a subordinate - you develop a reputation as a contentious person who is very difficult to work with.

Maybe it’s time for a change?

I have created the Sense-Making workshop precisely for those who want to change things. For those who want to be heard, who want to know how to be persuasive. Who want to be effective, to build their image and maintain good relations.

Sense-Making Online Workshop

The Sense-Making Online workshop shows you, step by step, how to speak so that others would listen. How to build a strategy, how to create a structure, how to select arguments depending on who is listening to you. How to create the so-called "information product". It is the information product and not your actual opinion or idea that your interlocutors usually "don't buy".

The Sense-Making Online Workshop provides knowledge, tools and skills

The Sense-Making Online Workshop gives you the opportunity to not only gain new knowledge. You will be introduced to a specially designed process for preparing your speeches and provided with tools that will make it easier for you. Individual consultations will address your specific issues to make the Sense-Making Online Workshop even more practical for you.

Build your confidence

You will convince yourself that what you say makes sense, that it is relevant. This will increase your chances for success. Credibility must first be built within yourself.

Define your goals precisely

You will precisely define what you actually mean. This is often very difficult. Using the provided process and tools will help you define the goal you want to achieve.

Learn the skill of selecting relevant arguments

You will learn to select the right arguments for specific interlocutors. This is one of the secrets of success. You don't have to, or even must not, reveal everything you know on a given subject.

Communicate what you want to say in a concise and comprehensible manner

You will learn to build concise, consistent statements. Sometimes all we get to get things done is two sentences. You have to use them skillfully. Chaotic argumentation and verbosity ruin your effectiveness.

Cut preparation time for speeches and presentations

Time is your most valuable resource. By using the provided process and tools you will reduce the time it takes to prepare your statements.

Increase effectiveness and efficiency of your own actions

You will be able to persuade interlocutors or develop solutions faster and more effectively. This, in turn, will enhance your personal image.

Reduce time spent in meetings

High quality communication and focusing on the essentials will help you cut down on meetings time. This is particularly important for online meetings.

Reduce conflict

A good analysis of your interlocutors and a well-structured message will reduce the risk of conflicts. A considerable proportion of conflicts result from misunderstandings.

People have been buying the Sense-Making Workshop for over a dozen years for one reason - it works!

Participants choose Sense-Making because it helps them solve practical, everyday problems. It's a useful tool, applicable immediately. Find out what the participants say about it.

Marek Kuchta

Sales Director, a chemical manufacturing concern

Recruiting ambassadors for change.

The Sense-Making workshop makes it easier to move from failure to thoughtful conclusions on how to avoid mistakes in the future. Nowadays I approach important problems or challenges more systematically.

Marta Ciebiada

Compliance Manager, Coloplast Sp. z o.o.

Communication is a reciprocal trading process.

I highly recommend the Sense-Making workshop, as it opens your eyes and provides you with logical solutions as to what should be streamlined and where.

Paweł Bieniek

CEO, The Nets Sp. z o.o.

We use Sense-Making™ workshops regularly

Due to the immense benefits that Sense-Making workshops provide to an organization, they have become one of the key tools for us to help grow the business.

Sense-Making Online Workshop

The Sense-Making Online Workshop comprises 87 short, easy to understand online lectures and assignments combined with one-on-one consultations. The precisely designed process allows you to acquire skills effectively and then quickly apply them to your life.


Introduction to Sense-Making

You will learn the basic principles of good communication. You will learn to recognize situations, in which wrong assumptions threaten to hinder your success.

You'll also learn why you're a salesperson and why the presentation resents the corporation. You will see that you are always dealing in two products (yes yes, I' m still talking about communication!). You will learn the most common mistakes and what assumptions it' s better not to make.


The wheel of competence

You will learn the most common reason for conflicts and misunderstandings. You will learn how to structure messages to make them more clear. You will better understand the mechanisms of change both as a leader and a participant, which will allow you to act more effectively.

You will learn what makes a well-known and sometimes forgotten theory something that should always be kept in mind. The reason why the more you know about a topic... the worse. You will see why changes often fail and how a single statement can ruin a good project (or make it a success). You will also learn what pitfalls an organization risks when making changes.



You will learn the mechanisms of stress and their impact on communication effectiveness. You will learn how to behave while speaking. You will be able to recognize stressful situations and respond to them. You will learn how to adopt the right posture while speaking, and how to use your voice in a way that will boost your image and chances of success.

In this module, you will see how stress affects not only our communication, but also its impact on the effectiveness of meetings. You will learn why it' s a good idea to stand while speaking and how to "stand while sitting". You will know what to do with your hands or eyes during a speech and what to do to avoid fainting. You will learn what "adrenaline addiction" is, what impact it has on communication and how to defend yourself against adrenaline addicts.



You will learn the true meaning of words, their potential and the consequences of using them. You will learn to apply them knowledgeably so that your statements are understood correctly.

We take responsibility for every word we speak. And each one has an impact on reality and people. Sometimes one word may "wreck" a very good, thoughtful statement. Therefore, knowing the true meaning of words is worthwhile, so you can use them consciously, increasing your chances of success. This is what this module is about.


Situation analysis and audience analysis

You will learn the principles of analysis and the questions you need to ask yourself in order to properly prepare for a presentation. You will learn how to read the situation and the audience in order to speak convincingly and achieve your goals.

Situation analysis and audience analysis are the most underestimated elements in the communication process and in constructing good speeches. In this module, you will learn, step by step, how to carry out such an analysis, what questions to ask yourself and how not to fall into the trap of seemingly true answers. You will get the tools to do the analysis correctly, and based on those ... do what I tell you in the next part.


Structure of a presentation or a speech

You will learn the principles of preparing a good speech. You will learn to select appropriate arguments and formulate strong messages so that people want to listen to you and appreciate what you have to say.

You will learn the process of building a good structure for a speech and will be given the tools to do so. You will see why it takes 70% of your speech preparation time to craft a single sentence and why you should spend time on that particular sentence. You will learn how to select arguments to make them effective and increase the likelihood of your success.


Individual consultations - case studies

A one-on-one consultation is an online live meeting with me. We will discuss and solve your case, something that you want to be well prepared for. We'll tackle it, break it down into constituent elements using all the knowledge and tools you've learnt, and finally put it back together again in a way that will maximize your chances for success. I don't promise that it will be easy. But I do promise that throughout our meeting you will have my attention, knowledge, experience and goodwill.

Sample Workshop Lessons

Enable English captions by pressing ""CC" on playbar. Then Select "English".

Basic Communication Mistakes

The Wheel Of Competence

Consequences Of Routine

Organization Slump

Piont Of Change Communication

Audience Analysis - What They Afraid Of?

Audience Analysis - What Do They Expect?

For What Purpose Whould They Listen To Me?

Arguments Tree

Challenges From The Audience

Five Levels Of Details


The Sense-Making Workshop has added benefits, too

The Sense-Making Online Workshop is not only the 87 easy to follow online lectures and one-on-one consultations with Marcin Józefowicz. It is also an opportunity for further development after completing the Workshop.

An e-book helping with application of knowledge and tools

After completing all of the mini-lectures, every participant of the Sense-Making Online Workshop will receive an e-book to help further their development. It is a tailor-made supplementary resource that will make it easier for you to revisit certain topics and remember why they were important.

Marcin Józefowicz

Marcin Józefowicz is (among other things):

The creator and owner of the Sense-Making™ brand - a communication effectiveness enhancement system. Coach and moderator with over a dozen years of experience, ICC Coach. A manager with extensive practical experience, member of management boards and supervisory boards. Long-standing academic lecturer. Graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.

He created Sense-Making™ because we live in an age of information, globalization and media. In an era of no longer a communication "noise", but a communication "roar". We need to be able to communicate ever more efficiently, more precisely. Mistakes are costly.

Today it is not enough to be an expert in your field. You have to know how to skillfully convince others that you are one.

Good products, ideas or knowledge are not enough anymore. You also have to be able to present them and convince others.

Marcin Józefowicz - experienced trainer with many years of practical business experience

Sense-Making includes not just a workshop, but also some follow-up personal support by Marcin Józefowicz to help you achieve your goals. See how Marcin's clients feel about working directly with him

Bożena Stępień

HR Director, Dr Irena Eris

Marcin Józefowicz has never let us down.

Marcin Józefowicz is the perfect choice when it comes to "mission impossible" kind of projects. We stopped organizing "normal" trainings with Marcin a long time ago. When Marcin enters the company, it means that there is really something going on, we have a need, we have a big challenge.

Roksana Adamczyk

HR Manager, Damen Engineering Gdańsk

Marcin Józefowicz is not your everyday coach.

Regardless of the situation, Marcin is always knowledgeable and professional. He is able to spot contradictions or attempts to avoid uncomfortable topics in a matter of seconds. During workshops he creates ideal conditions for working and challenging the status quo.

Darek Knopiński

Head of Mobile, Allegro

Marcin “connects the dots” very quickly.

When he returns to me with solutions, he always checks if the solution would come naturally to me, if I "feel" it, so that my thoughts start to align properly. I definitely recommend working with him, not just in the area of Sense-Making.

Sense-Making Online Workshop is a premium course at a reasonable price of 3600 PLN

Until recently, this was the cost for one person to attend a Sense-Making Workshop in a format equivalent to the current Pro Package.

3600 PLN and two full days of the participant's life.

I want the Sense-Making Workshop to be more accessible. I want its value to be discovered not only by large companies and corporations, but also smaller companies, start-ups and individuals. I want my clients to acquire this knowledge and skills in a much shorter time and to be able to start applying them right away.

That is why I decided to go online and created the Sense-Making Online Workshop.

Sense-Making Online Workshop is available in Polish language only.

advice and support

For persons who completed the Sense-Making Workshop

950 PLN


  • Direct interaction with Marcin Józefowicz
  • Work time accounted for in 15-minute cycles (you don’t have to use up the entire hour at once)
  • Individual support for your challenge or business issue
  • Flexible working hours, aligned with your schedule


Pro Package

Knowledge and tools as well as complete work-through of the participant’s case

1900 PLN


  • Immediate start
  • Access to 67 online mini-lectures and 20 tasks
  • An e-book facilitating application of knowledge and tools
  • 60 minutes of one-on-one online consultation – complete work-through of the participant’s case
Business Package

Knowledge, tools and case study plus additional hours of support

4750 PLN


  • Immediate start
  • Access to 67 online mini-lectures and 20 tasks
  • An e-book facilitating application of knowledge and tools
  • 60 minutes of one-on-one online consultation – complete work-through of the participant’s case
  • 3 x 60 minutes of online support with further projects

For individual clients
30 days money back guarantee

Having conducted Sense-Making Workshops for over a dozen years, I know exactly how valuable they are for the participants. I also know how much difference they can make in their professional and personal lives.

And since I realize the high value of Sense-Making Online Workshop, I want to extend a guarantee of satisfaction and safe purchase to you.

For 30 days from the day you register, you can request a refund of the money you spent. I won't ask why, and I won't try to persuade you that it's worth it. If you honestly feel that I have not lived up to your expectations - I will simply give you your money back.

The Sense-Making Online Workshop is a good investment

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of Sense-Making for many years in both your professional and personal life. Check out what our existing customers say about it:

Szymon Stępczak

Vice-President, Atende S.A.

We tackled “communication”.

Understanding the level of competence of the recipient(s) of my message, their attitudes and expectations, awareness of the purpose of the message I want to communicate and the appropriate/sufficient number of well-chosen messages and well-thought-out arguments allows building a vehicle whose application will significantly increase the chance to achieve the expected effectiveness of the message.

Adela Szemczak

Manager, Mazda Motor Poland

Sense-Making changes the way communication is perceived.

After two days of workshops, the business situation you thought you had all worked out, in every possible way, shows a completely different face, and your previous communication plan has been rightly turned upside down? After the Sense-Making workshop, the approach to building communication is (thankfully) never the same again.

Tomasz Kozdryk

Partner, Honesty Group

This method works on every level.

The result of several hours' workshop: - a brief, clear, straightforward presentation earned us a contract, which we had been unsuccessfully trying to secure for several years. The client's comment, totally priceless: "... you guys are finally speaking my language!".

Companies that benefited from the Sense-Making Workshop

The Sense-Making workshop has been purchased by many companies and organizations over the years. It benefits employees and managers of companies in technology, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, design, manufacturing and banking sectors, among others. Such a large and diverse group of business customers demonstrates the versatility and value of the Sense-Making Workshop.



Alior Bank

Amazon Web Services



Atlas Copco Polska


Bank BGŻ

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Bank Millennium


BNP Paribas Bank Polska

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions



Damco Polska

DAMEN Engineering Gdansk

De Lage Landen Leasing Polska

DELL Polska

EDP Energia Polska


Ergo Hestia

Essel Propack Polska


Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Grupa Kapitałowa ENEA

Grupa Kapitałowa ENERGA

Grupa Kapitałowa K2


IQ Marketing Poland


Intel Polska

Internet Group

Kerakoll Polska


LW Bogdanka

Mazda Motor Poland

Media Group




MOWI Poland

Nationale Nederlanden






Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna


Procardia Medical

Proud Group


PwC Polska


PZU Życie



Recordati Polska

Roche Polska

Santander Bank Polska


Sonoco Poland Packaging Services

Sygma Bank


The Nets


UPC Polska Sp. z o.o.

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego

Vision Express

Wirtualna Polska

Wurth Polska

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sense-Making make sense if it is not known to the entire organization?

After the workshop, will I be able to handle myself in any possible situation?

Does Sense-Making teach manipulation?

Is Sense-Making the kind of knowledge that is only useful in professional activities?

If my interlocutor is also familiar with Sense-Making, won't it make the conversation difficult?

How does Sense-Making compare to story-telling?

It will be a pleasure to meet you

I've been delivering the Sense-Making Workshops for over 15 years. I see the value that knowledge and skills it encapsulates bring to participants, both in professional aspect and in private relationships. With many participants, I have been working for a number of years, accompanying them in their professional development. Knowing that I provide people with useful knowledge and skills, that I make a difference, is a source of great joy and pride for me.

It will be my pleasure if you join the ranks of "sensemakers".


Marcin Józefowicz

Copyright © Sense-Making Marcin Józefowicz

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